A Favorite Pastime of Mine…

…is listening to music.

Have you read the Wingfeather Saga? Is that the only reason Andrew Peterson rings a bell?

I own the series…


…and the map of Aerwiar.

Andrew Peterson is a storyteller, but his books aren’t the main reason I’m a fan. It’s his music. My family owns collectively 100+ of his songs, and I love nearly all of them.

I don’t tend to think of Andrew Peterson’s music as worship music the kind a congregation would sing together. But they do say “I could sing of your love forever” in so many more words (no offense Hillsong fans).

Most of them tell a story. They’re accounts of brokenness and hope. And some of them are dances of joy on the green lawn just outside the Celestial City, where you can bask in the love of God’s grace.

I don’t think I have a favorite, so I’m going to recommend these as a sampling:

This song is a tribute to the wordsmiths, wordpainters, wordplayers, and wordshakers whose works hold high a beacon of hope, put wind in the sails, and keep the fire lit, or any other uplifting metaphor.

After the Last Tear Falls  (for encouragement)

More (if death is sorrowful)

Little Boy Heart Alive (if you want Narnia references)

The Havens Gray (if you want LOTR references)

Don’t You Want to Thank Someone (for thankfulness)

Rejoice (just what the title indicates)

As I populated this list I realized I was going to end up with ninety suggestions, so I cut it short. Also some of these contain drums and a little electric guitar, so if that bothers you that’s totally fine.

Have you listened to Andrew Peterson? Which song is your favorite?

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