No Authors Harmed…

Camp NaNoWriMo is going well, or rather, I’m still alive…

My sister, Anna, is a fellow camper and she volunteered to help me create this video; a dramatic portrayal of the camper’s experience.

Disclaimer: No authors were harmed in the making of this video (except when I banged my elbow really hard trying to roll sideways down the tree)

To be entirely honest, I haven’t put as much into this as last time–YET. The reasons include, but are not limited to:

  1. Completing some prior commitments
  2. Making videos
  3. Planning college

However, you can expect to hear back in a week that I have hit my 35,000 word editing/rewriting goal. I hope.

The reason for my participation in this virtual camp is that Crossroads now has a deadline. I plan to publish around mid-June 2017 for exciting reasons I will reveal in a future post!


36 thoughts on “No Authors Harmed…

  1. LOl! This was so funny…first dramatic, then the reality…hilarious. That’s what my writing looks like most of the time…junk food, soda, a tired brain, and a slow computer.

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    1. Ah yes. And being sick is in that list somewhere too. 😉 We both caught baaad colds during big NaNo… like, how am I supposed to be able to write when my brain is screaming so loudly??!! lol

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      1. That sucks! Getting sick is awful.. especially when you’re trying to get something done, like writing. Last time I got sick I was in the middle of a blog writing camp, and that sucked…..

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      1. That’s to bad. This is my first year, and it’s going to be half-fun half-terrifying, according to most people…I’m an awful procrastinator.
        Plus, I have to juggle school, rodeo, horse training, 4-H, camp, youth group….It’s going to be a long but fun summer.

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          1. That’s cool! I’m into software programming and digital or graphic design…as for cartooning…let’s just say you don’t want me to draw you. It would turn out awful. xD 🙂

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          2. Oh neat! I’m looking at a computer science degree. I really enjoy android app dev; my dad was an art major so we’ve grown up drawing; and my eldest sister is a graphic designer of professional grade book covers and promotional graphics, so she has me interested in doing the same. When looking at the possible courses I could take as electives, I wanted to do all of them. Creative writing, law enforcement, art, music, and graphic design.

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          3. Wow, that’s really cool! My aunt designs for Adidas snowboarding, so I’ve got some help in the design category. I’m also thinking about creative writing in college, but I don’t think it’ll be my main course. What computer program do you use for developing apps? I’ve heard of some, but never tried. I have Adobe.

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          4. As far as mobile apps go, I’ve mainly used Android Studio for native development. I’ve used visual studio for desktop apps written in C# and VB, and would like to eventually use the newish Xamarin feature in Visual Studio to make cross-platform android/ios/mac os/windows phone/and windows desktop. That’s exciting to me. 😉

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          5. I highly recommend trying this It uses block code (like Scratch) but you can make fully functional android apps. It uses object oriented programming concepts and is really fun to play around with. It’s free and you can just sign in with a gmail account. As far as testing apps goes, you can use emulators. 🙂

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          6. That’s cool! I’m trying it! You should try using Adobe Illustrator for graphic design if you get the chance…it takes some figuring out but it’s worth it in the end.

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  2. I’m excited to hear that! I can’t wait till June. 😀 Are you doing beta-readers?
    The video… I’m laughing, oh my WORD. It is too true…. especially rubbing two lil’ sticks together…. and the END. :’D Though…. who rolls down a tree sideways?!
    You two are doing great! Writing a book in a month is pretty crazy, so the ‘blood, guts, and tears’ really comes into hand. 😛

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    1. I have one round of beta-readers going through it right now. I’ll might do a second round before proofreading and ARCs. About the rolling, I was trying to ‘fall out of the tree’ but landing full force on my back over and over for takes was starting to hurt, so I tried to roll down against the tree trunk… 😀

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