Obituary of the Late Paul Willis

Phoenix — Paul Willis’ regular posting stopped April 8th after a lengthy struggle with aggressive writer’s block.

Paul Willis is a veteran of NaNoWriMo, where he brought his first novel’s first draft to over 50,000 words. He grew up on the planet called earth, the only son of his mother and father. As a child, he was really irritating and played with LEGO. As he grew older, he began to take reading seriously. After two of his sisters published, he vicariously felt the excitement of holding one’s own book and knew that was what he wished to happen. Thus he took a mental stride and carved his first word with a Ticonderoga pencil. His engraved handwriting was legendary among his family.

He served one month as a wrimo in November of 2016, including wordsprints and laborious candy eating. He re-enlisted in the spring of 2017 but was soon diagnosed with stage 3 writer’s block. The frustration and mental affects have not left him, as friends and family will attest.

He is survived by his parents, seven-some-odd sisters, and many writer friends who occasionally offer their condolences.

Services will not be held tomorrow at 2am (since all of his writer friends will be busy at that hour), and he will be interned at his own unprofitable business.

A final note from the will of the late Paul Willis: “I’m sorry I’m late. I hope to never be two weeks late again.”


22 thoughts on “Obituary of the Late Paul Willis

  1. Good luck overcoming your writer’s block! I’ve been feeling a bit of that lately as well and it’s horribly inconvenient. I love the inscription on your tombstone btw. Very lovely.

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  2. sniffs He was a great writer while it lasted . . . he will be deeply mourned by all, I am sure.

    rolls on the floor laughing, then thinks that wouldn’t be respectful, stands up, composes self, and tries to look serious, but fails entirely

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