Crossroads: Jackson Bloyd

When it comes to naming characters, I draw maps, diagrams, scribbles, but ultimately blanks. I got this unusual one off the back of a cereal box. No, not really. But the story if I could remember it was probably that amazing. Maybe I was eating fast food when inspiration struck, because… I named my main character in Crossroads, Jack. Why did I take so long to say it? Maybe it’s shame.

It’s a fine name. In fact, it’s so fine it’s overused. Have an action story? Name the dude Jack. Have Tom Cruise? Name him Jack. Wait… did I just repeat myself?

But I have an excuse–my main character has a past that needs protection. As a young kid, he had to pick a new name, and he was just as brilliant as I am. ‘Jackson’ sounded cool, and once it was on paper, it was set in stone.

There’s a lot I want to tell you about him, but there’s very little I can without spilling secrets. Years ago I read a short story about Desmond Doss (World War II hero, congressional medal of honor recipient) and he was the first inspiration for this character. Their personalities and journeys are not the same, but their hearts are similar.

Anyway, since my blog has been taking on a spy look, I’ll let this file from CROS HQ speak for itself. It’s not complete and doesn’t include his operations records. In case you are wondering, the leader of CROS has a well-founded appreciation for paper, so they tend to use it for records.

(Final note, disclaimer, and warning: the picture may or may not be his real face.)

Jackson file

And I quote from my obituary: “I’m sorry I’m late. I hope to never be two weeks late again.” I still hope that…


7 thoughts on “Crossroads: Jackson Bloyd

    1. I first read about him in a book on WWII medics. Then I read a ton of articles online and marked some biographies about him to read on Goodreads. They made a documentary about him when he was still living and that was AWESOME! It’s called “The Conscientious Objector” if you want to look it up ($0.99 on YouTube). Because he was in the pacific theater some of the island fighting gets kinda rough…

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