May Debriefing

Deep in the heart of the earth, in a dreary concrete bunker, I sit on a metal stool and prepare to be interrogated. There are questions I do not want to answer, but the results of this debriefing will determine my future–my survival.

What did you accomplish this month?

A lot.

What do you mean “a lot”? You missed several deadlines and still haven’t shown any results.

I am still alive, what better results could I have?

Don’t hedge, we trim hedges around here. Tell us why you don’t have anything to show.

Ah, but I do. *tosses flash drive in the air*

That old draft? You should have left it in November.

OLD?!! It’s brand new! Sir, I’ve brought this thing to 75,000 words and am almost done editing. I didn’t make it to the drop point to get the file to my contact, but boy, I’ve gone through an estimated 2,000 comments!

I attended a top secret writer’s club as well as spent some writing time all alone at a wonderful Christian coffee shop. But, you know that. I smiled at your hidden cameras.

Writing at enroute

With work like that and the extreme help of my beta readers, I completed the mission.


Completed? You’re not done yet.

We’re almost there though. I have several agents updating the file, and the manuscript is scheduled for formatting mid week. My cover designer is finalizing the cover as we speak. And I added “Crossroads” to Goodreads!

My questioner taps his desk. I can not tell if he is moved by my efforts. He thumbs through some papers and continues.

What did you learn this month? What intel did you gather?

Google mapped the Galapagos islands, trying to find some details for a friend.

I tried to find out how to break glass quietly–but unfortunately, my story character didn’t have the required tools.

Dove into my genealogy a bit–fascinating! I’m actually descended from humans!

Chest injuries. I’m counting broken ribs in my story… but ya know, getting crunched is part of the job description.

I’ve also been attending a class about business startups. The most recent class regarded the MVP, iterations of the MVP, and pivoting. Good stuff.

Towards, backwards, forwards and so on, are all British spellings. Backward Americans have moved toward just saying “forward”.

Most importantly I researched how long it takes to pass out in a chokehold… it really depends.

This face means I’m unimpressed. What did you waste time on?

What? I didn’t waste… it was all well spent!!

Then why so little productivity?

My job isn’t all about publishing–there are other important things like getting sick, spending Sundays at church, social events, water wars, nephews, building websites, oh and some life too. Life is made of dishes, school, laundry, cooking (really good food), and yard work.

Aaaaaaand… maybe I did waste a tiny bit of time. XD

My questioner folds my file and puts it in his briefcase. Before I know it, I am blindfolded and being led out of the bunker.


15 thoughts on “May Debriefing

    1. They do look cool! Would make a nice writer’s vaca. 😉

      I had fun with the comments… hehe… in fact I’m still having fun with some of them (which is why you still don’t have the second half 😉 )

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Ahh yeah, broken ribs… I’ve researched that, too. Apparently you can’t ‘heal’ broken ribs… just gotta wait it out and wrap them. 😛
    Sounds like you had an epic month. I am sooo excited for Crossroads. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “I smiled at your hidden cameras.”
    Bwahahah great post, bro!! And huge congrats on getting so much done on Crossroads this month! Can’t wait to HOLD it, cover and all, reaaaally soon!!
    “Backward Americans have moved toward just saying “forward”.” Oh. My. Word. You got them all in one sentence!! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get those ones right; maybe I should just go with it and decide to identify as a Brit. Hmmm…
    Thanks for wasting time in the most fantastic ways possible! I just love chasing you with a huge water gun.
    And are you ever going to reveal whaaat these mysterious interviewers ever do to you or who they even are??!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure thing! It was lots of fun! 🙂

        I’ll go with you!!! I can be your housekeeper… or your Watson… 😉

        Yes, you chased me a LOT. But that wasn’t the fun part for me. 😛 jk


        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m pretty sure I need to get into the habit of reading your blog every time you post, because you pretty much write the best posts ever! (Ugh! I just need to read more blogs….)

    Keep up the amazing work, and yay for all you accomplished! Way to go with your blogging skills, too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That’s pretty interesting about the British and American spellings. You know, I’ve noticed that some people use the “s” on the end, some don’t. I’ll have to pay attention to the person’s nationality next time I hear or read those words to see if this is true. Really cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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