Setting Up a Convention Table!!

Hey, all! I’m still pretty excited here.20170703_11425120170703_114336

That’s how weird I get when I’m excited.

Some author friends and I had the opportunity to purchase a booth space at the annual AFHE convention!

We are conglomerated as Generation Rising, and I got to make the website (with data entry assistance by my sister, Anna)!!!! Find it here if you haven’t already clicked one of the links before this. It was really fun to tile all our book covers there, but it’s even more fun to see them together in person.

Today Kate, Anna, and I hitched a ride with friends to the Phoenix convention center for setup. We weren’t able to complete the entire setup today, but we’ll have the rest of the materials and books tomorrow morning.

The crowd

The crowd



Anna is severe when friends bend book covers…


Booth 1

The partial setup


Booth 2

Part of the team/authors making goofy faces or being very relaxed.

I will post more pics later! I gotta go before I pass out.



16 thoughts on “Setting Up a Convention Table!!

  1. Um, I would be excited too. That’s so awesome!!! And a bunch of people I know online are there, too. Hope y’all have lots of fun and sell plenty of books! 😊

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