NEWS: Newsletter and Free eBook!

This day will live in infamy! December fifteenth marks the first day you can receive a newsletter from myself, all technical bugs included. Forgive me if there are wrinkles I still need to iron out. 😀

You can subscribe to it right here. Or here. It depends on if you care that the links are identical.

A couple minutes after you signup you’ll receive an email with links to download Diamond, my short detective story (not specifically featuring short detectives), for free!

If you’ve already read Diamond, wow! Awesome! Subscribe anyway. You’ll get more stories in the near future.

My plan for this newsletter

The varying types of content include but are not limited to:

  1. Goofiness
  2. Seriousness
  3. Behind the scenes looks at what I’ve been procrastinating on or writing
  4. Excerpts from works in progress to torture you
  5. Opportunities to offer input on a work in progress
  6. Exclusive and/or early access to free short stories
  7. Special announcements
  8. Deals
  9. Blog roundups
  10. Silliness (in doses?)

My plan is to drop this in your inbox at least once a month. You might get special editions. I might be feeling generous. You might get lucky. That’s a mighty lot of mights.

My plan for this blog

The newsletter is the fun part! The blog… should still be fun, I hope. I’ve been wanting to write a series of more thoughtful posts. I’m sure my fiction writing will still come up. Hopefully, my voice won’t go dry and hopefully, you won’t fall asleep on my webpage. Stay with me while I hone the skill!

Also, at some point, my blog address might change as I move platforms. is great, but severely limited in some aspects, so I’m considering self-hosting. Don’t worry you’ll get a lot of warning and maybe a redirect if I follow through on that one. 😀

To the future

Thank you. ProjectBlankPage has been around for a year now. I wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t followed. I would have run out of steam early on. Talking to yourself is overrated, believe me. Thank you for signing up, reading, engaging, and caring!

Here’s to the next year! *sloshes rootbeer*

Oh, and in case you got lost or needed to read on to be convinced, you can signup for my newsletter here. 😀



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