Caught and Debriefed

High in the sky, in an unescapable craft without parachutes, I sit strapped to something metal and prepare to be interrogated. There are questions I do not want to answer, but the results of this debriefing will determine my future.

The last debriefing was a year ago! Where have you been?

Um… I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

You always say that, but you never do. Look, kid, just give us the short version. See if you can even invent an excuse.



You wanted the short version.

ARRRRRG!! I wanted a reasonable excuse.

Okay, okay… So I, uh, have been busy studying, getting some energy back from a health issue, and also… relaxing when I can.

Lame. You’ve disappeared, and we haven’t been able to trace you at all… not until your sister announced her book did you resurface. It’s time to show your true colors?

Oh! So you think I’m a traitor, huh? Well… I’M NOT! For your information, even college has made me write! Along the lines of written words, I’ve taken English composition and a creative writing class.

And what do you have to show for it?

*wry grin* I can write short stories now.

And I’m supposed to be impressed?

Uh huh.

Well then, no matter how much you’ve enjoyed slacking, it looks like we can no longer use you. We’re going to have to–

Wait!! Search my briefcase if you haven’t already. The secret compartment. No, the other secret compartment. Here, release my arms and I’ll open it for you.

Don’t think I’m stupid, because you can be sure– wait, what’s this?

My questioner thumbs through a messy stack of papers. I hold my breath as he scrutinizes them.

These are in code, aren’t they!

Um, that’s actually just my handwriting but I can interpret. Basically, you’re holding eight thousand words of original writing for a YA sorta historical novella…

Hmph… And what’s this?

THAT! is the next long awaited, long postponed, Greywood Files mystery. It is planned and half written, and being more planned. Currently, it’s afraid it can’t live up to the first and hopes future readers will be merciful to it. I’m telling it to buck up and believe it can be even better than Diamond.

So you’ve done a little work, but what about your main operation?

Um… Novel X was writen and published at a different stage of life, but I’m ready to start the ball rolling on making it series. So yeah, I have the basic outline down for Novel Y, and I’m thinking about Novel Z.

Hmm… You aren’t the most convincing person I’ve dealt with… Hmm… One last question before we’re finished.


What about that newsletter fluke?

Yeah… I was wondering the same thing. How about you tell me?Ā *blinks*

I am so amused, and so patient.

Okay, so of course when I went undercover and puffed out of existence with blogging, the newsletter had to die too. But it’s coming back as well as… as well as [edited for security reasons] which is really cool!!! And hopefully manageable with my busy schedule. šŸ™‚

Very. Interesting.


My questioner returns my papers to my briefcase. Before I know it, the lights are turned off and I’m alone in the room. All I hear is the steady sound of the engines, and I wonder what’s to happen next.


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