Exciting announcement #1

So, I’m moving to a new website. I am aware that some of you will miss ProjectBlankPage, but I assure you I’m still the same guy, the name’s just different.

Important: If you want to keep getting notifications of new posts from me, please subscribe to the new site.

The new website is originally, uniquely, narcissistically, and creatively named Paul-Willis.com. The hyphen is important! Otherwise, you’ll end up with the profile of a smiling guy who happens to be AWS certified, and who lives in the same town as the Pevensies.

Make sure you read the poem at the bottom of the page, then go to the blog page to subscribe. And don’t worry, I transferred all the posts and comments.

Exciting announcement #2

I’m writing a sequel to Crossroads! Go here to read more about Novel Y.





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