Crossroads is live!

Howdy, y’all! I’m super excited to announce today that Crossroads is officially LIVE!   The ebook is available on Amazon Kindle Google Play Store iBooks and Kobo Pick it up, read it, and leave a review!   The paperback will be available very, very soon… possibly by tomorrow. I’ll announce it too. To celebrate, I’m gonna … More Crossroads is live!

Exciting Announcement! (& Free Book for Review)

My heart throbs… it beats really fast… I mean, it always does that, but right now I can actually feel it beating like really fast. Maybe I should get that checked but… I got my cover!!! *dances* *falls flat on face* Isn’t that awesome??!!! Shout out to my amazing cover designer! Exciting Announcement! “Crossroads” is … More Exciting Announcement! (& Free Book for Review)

May Debriefing

Deep in the heart of the earth, in a dreary concrete bunker, I sit on a metal stool and prepare to be interrogated. There are questions I do not want to answer, but the results of this debriefing will determine my future–my survival. What did you accomplish this month? A lot. What do you mean “a lot”? You missed … More May Debriefing

April Debriefing

In a room lit by a single, flickering lightbulb over a cold steel table, I am about to be interrogated. I am not under court martial–yet. The results of this debriefing will determine my future. What did you work on this month? Lots of things. Lots and lots of things. Projects, chores, education, projects… I … More April Debriefing