No Authors Harmed…

Camp NaNoWriMo is going well, or rather, I’m still alive… My sister, Anna, is a fellow camper and she volunteered to help me create this video; a dramatic portrayal of the camper’s experience. Disclaimer: No authors were harmed in the making of this video (except when I banged my elbow really hard trying to roll … More No Authors Harmed…

Blue Sky Tag

I was tagged by Crystal at Crystal’s Adventures for Christ! Now I’m it and you get to hear me be grilled. Thanks for the tag, Crystal! There are rules for the “Blue Sky Tag.” Thank the person who tagged you (done!) Answer their 11 questions (read the following) Tag 11 people Give them 11 questions to … More Blue Sky Tag

Camp NaNoWriMo

Yes, I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo. The project: editing Crossroads through to 70,000 words. I’m calling it a rewrite. This post is late. There are good reasons. I must return to camp. Just watch the video.

Why Dystopian?

Crossroads, my current project and first novel-sized work, is in the genre I call Christian dystopian. As I’ve rewritten, reread, and reconsidered it, I have been caused to examine its deepest elements. This has led me to answer the question, why dystopian? For one, the genre is interesting and popular. I wonder, why is it … More Why Dystopian?

Patriot-A Poem

Happy birthday to my sister Kate; my blogging friend, writing friend, reading friend, fun friend, and friend. Don’t tell Kate I did this. Named the post something else and then snuck this in here. Haha! Anyway, I wrote a poem. I don’t do it often; only when inspiration strikes. Here goes. The wind screams and shivers, … More Patriot-A Poem

A Day in the Wilderness

This weekend was my church’s annual Men’s Prayer Advance. We go low budget and tent camp in the middle of nowhere with zero facilities. I live in Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area. Camping here is a reenactment of Israel’s wandering in the desert–without the manna. After several preaching sessions on spiritual disciplines, we dispersed into … More A Day in the Wilderness