I have at least ten story ideas (each with a varying number of notes) but the only one I’m actively working on right now is my NaNoWriMo novel. It’s titled “Crossroads” (formerly Novel X). I’m nearly a quarter of the way through the second draft.

Jack grew up being careful about who he shared his faith with; a wrong move could land him in jail. But when his sister is drafted and pleads religious exemption, he finds out worse. Christians are facing death.

CROS is a covert agency dedicated to protecting Christians from lethal persecution. After they extract his family from post-tolerance America, Jack has no choice but to join CROS or leave the country as well. Living a life where execution for treason is imminent, he throws himself into the lifesaving work of an emergency medic. Caring for the injured brings zero challenges to his pacifistic beliefs. But when the leader of CROS is kidnapped, it falls to Jack and a veteran resistance fighter to find and rescue him from the deadly police force before it’s too late. Violence may be the only option. Is it a price Jack can pay? (from my original post about Novel X)



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